US CO2 emissions from fossil fuels: 2002
Project Vulcan   

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* The power plant layer currently shows only the facilities that utilize continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) and report under EPA's Acid Rain Program

Vulcan fossil fuel CO2 inventory

The Vulcan fossil fuel CO2 inventory was produced at both Purdue University and Arizona State University (the new home!) in conjunction with collaborators at Colorado State University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This effort was made possible through support from NASA (grant CARBON/04-0325-0167 by the Office of Earth Science, National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the DOE (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program, Office of Science, U.S. DOE, DE-AC02-05CH11231) under the auspices of the North American Carbon Program (NACP). Support was also provided by the Showalter Trust and Knauf Insulation.

The Vulcan inventory and detailed documentation concerning the construction is available at The Vulcan inventory represents the United States fossil fuel CO2 emissions for the year 2002 at a spatial scale that is less than 10 km and hourly. The precise spatial and temporal scale varies by economic sector but a common 10 km/hourly product has been generated to facilitate atmospheric modeling research.

The Vulcan inventory is a data product. It is based on a number of data sources but relies to a great extent on data collected by the EPA through the Clean Air Act legislation (with much thanks to the EPA). The large volume of data used to construct the Vulcan inventory data product relies to a great extent on the QA/QC procedures and integrity of the EPA data and models. The Vulcan team cannot be held responsible for inaccurate reporting or errors in the QA/QC procedures. The Vulcan team performs some adjustment to the EPA data and this is reflected in the Vulcan documentation. However, this is not comprehensive in nature and only occurs where obvious errors can be caught by the Vulcan team.

We WELCOME any information, corrections, suggestions that might improve our quantification effort. Citing Vulcan The Vulcan inventory should be cited as: Gurney, K.R., D. Mendoza, Y. Zhou, B. Seib, M Fischer, S. de la Rue du Can, S. Geethakumar, C. Miller (2009) The Vulcan Project: High resolution fossil fuel combustion CO2 emissions fluxes for the United States Contact information Kevin Gurney
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