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The following represent particular space/time snapshots of the Vulcan inventory. They are presented as a checkpoint for using our data and to provide quick views of the Vulcan inventory. Full resolution images can be acquired by clicking the images.

Plot 1Plot 1

The image above-left shows the location and magnitude of CO2 emissions from major power producers under the Continuous Emissions Monitoring program of the Emissions Trading System. Units: Million tonnes of carbon/facility/year. The image above-right shows the location and magnitude of the industrial point sources of CO2 emissions derived from the National Emissions Inventory. Units: Log base 10 of million tonnes of carbon/facility/year

The image above-left shows the location and magnitude of the transport CO2 emissions (onroad, nonroad, and airport). Units: as provided in legend. The image above-right shows the sum of the residential and commercial CO2 emissions on a 10 km x 10 km grid. Units: Log base 10 of million tonees of carbon/year.

The image above shows the complete Vulcan CO2 emissions (all sectors - those presented in the first four figures above) after it has been gridded to the common 10 km x 10 km Vulcan grid. The units are log base 10 of metric tonnes of carbon/gridcell/year. Given the dimensions of our common grid, this is a spatial area of 100 km2. This is a factor of 100x more resolved than previous work.

Total US fossil fuel CO2 emissions for 2002 come to 1618.3 million metric tonnes of carbon/year. This is slightly higher than Energy Information Estimates (1583.1 MtC/year) due to an overestimate in the onroad emissions in the Vulcan inventory (a corrected update is coming soon!).

Here are a couple of images for the state of Indiana.

Plot 1Plot 1

Here are some images that plot per capita carbon emissions from the mobile and residential sectors onto Democrat and Republican-held congressional districts

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