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Vulcan ES&T paper

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YouTube GE flyover

YouTube VIDEO (4/2008)

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NASA Department of Energy

supported through grant CARBON/04-0325-0167 by the Office of Earth Science, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
supported by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231
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We make this information available to the public in order to be transparent and assist others in understanding what we are doing with our Vulcan research. We only ask that if you use information in these papers and presentations that you do so responsibly and with due credit to all the researchers involved and the Funding sources that made it happen. You will find that information within the materials presented here. If in doubt, please ask us. thanks - KG.

  • paper on the need to measure anthropogenic emissions directly using science.
  • paper on spatial relationships in the Vulcan data product.
  • Carbon Management paper on Hestia project.
  • Emit trading workshop presentation (4/30/2010).
  • Sigma Xi Purdue presentation (3/9/2010). Movie 1 (frame 7). Movie 2 (frame 12). Movie 3 (frame 16). Movie 4 (frame 17). Movie 5 (frame 23). Movie 6 (frame 25).
  • UCLA talk (3/5/2010) - Luskin Center meeting on transportation and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Keck talk. Movie 1. Movie 2 (3/2/2010)
  • Environmental Science and Technology paper on the Vulcan Project
  • Detailed Vulcan documentation

  • GEORGIA: Coal and Carbon from Climate Central on Vimeo.
  • Journal paper by Kevin Gurney and colleagues providing a bit of motivation for generating fossil fuel CO2 emissions at higher spatiotemporal resolution
  • Poster presented at the MCI interim synthesis workshop, Jan 2009.
  • Paper by Andrysco et al. in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications on the YouTube viz, 2009.
  • Presentation at a visit to Google, December, 2008.
  • The YouTube "purple" movie video - hires download.
  • The YouTube "purple" movie video - play.
  • Presentation at the 5th Annual California Climate Change Conference in Sacramento, CA, September 8, 2008.
  • Presentation given by Kevin Gurney at the Fall 2006 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco that described Vulcan and progress to date.
  • Slides presented as a press briefing given at the Fall 2006 American Geophysical Union meeting
  • Poster presentation given by Daniel Mendoza at the Fall 2006 American Geophysical Union meeting highlighting the mobile portion of the Vulcan project
  • Presentation given by Kevin Gurney at the Fall 2006 American Geophysical Union meeting providing an overview of the history and recent developments in high resolution fossil fuel CO2 emissions research
  • A nice interview segment about Vulcan
  • Here is the Google Talk video:

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